All terms used herein and capitalized for other than grammatical purposes shall have the meaning ascribed to them below:
Activity: Shall mean any of the following activities which a Player may perform: running, receiving, passing, punt returning, kick returning, punting, kicking, playing offensive line, or playing in a defensive capacity.
Basic Positional Function; Shall mean in all cases the primary function of a Player as determined by the greater of the players rush attempts, receptions, returns, pass attempts, kicks, punts, or actual NFL use in a defensive capacity or as an offensive lineman. In the event a player appears in a defensive capacity or as an offensive lineman the determination as to the players Basic Positional Function shall be made based on which is the greatest base value. In the event a Player is eligible on both offense and defense the Player shall be generated as two Players. Such Players shall count as one player for the total Player Roster but as two positions for Roster Requirements. Any Player having a blocking value as a running back shall be given the Base Positional Function of a running back regardless of whether they had more receptions than rushing attempts but may have a Basic Positional Function as a returner if returns exceed rushes and receptions.
Big Gainer; the longest rush and/or reception of a given Player if said rush and/or reception is thirty three yards or greater. Example One: Dion Sanders has a two rushes of 55 and 71 yards five receptions the longest of which is 80 yards and a kick return of 65 yards. The 71 yard rush and the 80 yard reception are his "Big Gainers" and each adds 364K to his cost but no additional money is charged for the second rush of over fifty yards and his kick return long is assessed an additional cost of one point as a special teams bonus.
Commissioner; Shall mean the person appointed by a majority of the Owners to serve as the administrator of the Salt League and as the arbiter of disputes requiring interpretation or application of this Constitution.
Constitution: shall mean this Salt League Constitution
Contract Year: Shall mean the number of seasons beginning with the season immediately following which the Player is drafted, during which the Owner shall be entitled to retain the Player on his or her Final Official Roster. Total Contract Years awardable following the Draft shall equal the number of Free Agent, New Players, and Plan A players(2005) drafted times four.
Directly Affecting: means having an affect upon an Owner's ability to select, trade or otherwise affect the particular Player affected when that Player is taken alone, without regard for the affect upon other Players, the Draft as a whole, Allocation of Money, or any other transaction by any Owner.
Draft: All six stages of Player selection and the day upon which selection occurs.
Draft Selection: Shall mean any Player selected pursuant to rule III, B of this Constitution.
Final Official Rosters: Shall mean the official document promulgated by the Commissioner and presumptively binding upon all Owners which identifies all Players on each team, their NFL team, their position and the number of contract years remaining on their contract. An Owner shall only be entitled to use Players appearing on his or her Final Official Roster to play League games but shall be forbidden from using any Player appearing on the Final Official Roster who did not actually play in the preceding NFL season.
Game, Current: Shall be the official version of the current game system used by all Owners to play League games. The Current Game shall be changed or revised during the course of a Season as new versions become available.
League: Shall mean the Salt League and shall consist of eight teams run by eight Owners each of which is discrete from but a part of the League.

Official Player Lists; Shall mean the lists as periodically modified and amended containing definitive listings of Players, Player Values, their NFL teams, the positions at which they qualify and their draft eligibility. The players list on the Commissioners computer is the only Official Players List all other copies are facsimiles and do not become official until duly recorded. Starting with the 1997 Season, Players who did not play a down in the preceding NFL season shall be added to the Official Players List at any time by the Commissioner, upon request by an Owner. However, the Owner wishing to add such player must be able to prove all pertinent player information which could effect the players value or eligibility for drafting. The Official Players list may be modified and corrected at any time prior to the selection of the next player selected in the Draft. Inconsistencies in the list due to multiple Qualifying Activities , Bonuses, or miscalculation shall be resolved and recorded prior to the selection of the following player during the Draft and failure to so correct the Player Value will be binding on the League.

Official Rosters; Shall mean the Commissioner's computer listing of Money allocated to, and rights of Owners in individual Players whether as a Restricted Free Agent, a Player under contract or otherwise, as well as the Players name, NFL team, position eligibility, and contract status.

Official Statistics: Shall mean the statistics for the preceding NFL season as published by Stats Inc. In the event of a dispute or controversy regarding a players positional eligibility, or other statistical values the Official Statistics shall be the determinative authority.

Opening Day: Shall mean the first day on which Owners are authorized to begin league play

Owner: Shall mean each and every person whether presently owning a team, or who by the consent of all current team owners in the Salt League at the Draft, takes possession of an existing or expansion team and thereby assumes responsibility for drafting, managing, and coaching a Salt League team.

Penalty; Shall mean any sanction provided for under this Constitution.

Player; Shall mean a collection of computer statistics issued annually by the Current Game system or created using the Current Game system and corresponding to NFL players. Players in the Current Game can be

DL Defensive linemen including defensive ends and defensive tackles
DB Defensive Backs including corner backs and safeties
LB Linebackers both inside and outside
OL Offensive Linemen including centers, guards and tackles
WR Wide Receivers
TE Tight Ends
RB Running Backs including fullbacks and halfbacks
QB QuarterBacks
K Kickers
P Punters
KR Kick Returners
PR Punt Returners
RET Kick and Punt Returners

Player, Franchise: Prior to Free Agent bidding, each Owner can designate one of his or her Restricted Free Agents as a Franchise Player. A Franchise Player has one year added to his current contract at a cost of 925K for QBs, 615K for RBs WRs and TEs and offensive linemen; 460K for defensive players and 255K for special teams players. at the end of which season he becomes a restricted Free Agent. A player can only be designated a Franchise Player once per franchise. Following the additional franchise year a Franchise Player becomes an restricted Free Agent. A Traded Franchise player cannot be franchised the year following the trade by the new owner of that player.

Player, Free Agent: Shall mean any Player who's Contract Years have expired except for waiver Players who still qualify as Waiver Players in the year following use.

Player Value: Shall mean the value ascribed to a Player on the Official Player List whether correctly calculated pursuant to this Constitution or not.
In every instance points and money are interchangeable.
Money [points] ; shall mean any Free Agent Money, New Player Money, or Longevity Money. Total Money awarded each Owner in a given year shall be the sum of 14500K plus Longevity Money. The money shall be divided between New Player Money and Free Agent Money as follows: each team shall have 20 minus the number of games lost divided by 40 times 14500K in Free Agent Money unless two teams have the same number of games lost in which case the team with the lower Team Ranking and all teams thereafter in descending order shall have an additional 155K removed from their Free Agent Money. New Player Money equal 14500K minus the teams Free Agent Money.

Point, Free Agent: Shall mean Money awarded to a team on an annual basis based upon the Team Rankings from the prior Season and which need not be used in any given Draft but which may be used only for the purposes of drafting Free Agents.

Point, Longevity; Shall mean Money which are awarded to a team on an annual basis based upon the number of continuous years that an Owner has been in the League. Longevity Money are awarded cumulatively, one additional point being awarded after each Season to a maximum of 1500K [five points] after the Season year. Owners continuing to play within the League after six Seasons shall be awarded one point prior to the seventh Season at which time cumulative addition begins anew.

Point, New Player: Also known as "Rookie Points." Shall mean Money which are awarded to a team an annual basis based upon the Team Rankings from the prior Season and which are forfeited unless used prior to the completion of the Draft for Trade or selection of New Players or for drafting of a QB.