All Players shall be classified according to the following rules:

A. Unrestricted Free Agents Any Player who has for any reason been on a Salt League Team Roster and is not on a pre-draft Official Roster is an Unrestricted Free Agent and is eligible to be drafted in the Free Agent Draft pursuant to rule III, B, 1.

B. Restricted Free Agents Any Player who is on a pre-draft Official Roster and who's Contract Years ended at the end of the prior Season is a Restricted Free Agent and is eligible to be drafted in the Free Agent Draft pursuant to rule III, B, 1.

C. New Players Any Player who has not been on a Salt League Team Roster and is not on a Pre-Draft Official Roster, and has played at least one down in the prior NFL season or whom has been placed upon the Official Player List by the Commissioner is a New Player and may be drafted in the New Player Draft pursuant to rule III, B, 2.

D. Plan A players Any player with a Player Value less than or equal 600K is eligible for selection pursuant to rule III, B, 4 and if drafted thereunder is a Plan A players.

E. Plan B Players Generally Any WR, TE, RB, OL, DL, LB or DB who meets the following criteria is eligible for selection pursuant to rule III, B, 5 and if drafted thereunder is a plan B Player. The final official list of Plan B Players promulgated by the commissioner may include additional players who do not strictly qualify under the following guidelines and in the event of an inconsistency the final list shall prevail.
1. RBs Less than 100 carries, nine or less catches, 3.5 or less yds per carry, the following additional criteria apply to RB/Ret with six or more returns (seven or fewer yards per catch, long gain running or receiving of no more than 19 yds, nine or fewer returns, 18.9 or fewer yards per kick return, six or fewer yards per punt return) block rating of 1 or less.
2. WRs and TEs Nine or less catches, no long gain over 30 yds, less than 13yd/catch, block rating of 2 or less.
3. OLs 3 rated or lower.
4. DLs, LBs and DBs Rated 3 or less, after taking into consideration interceptions, sacks and special teams play.
F. Waiver Players Any player waived off a pre-draft Official Roster or eligible to be drafted as a Plan B Player is also eligible for selection as a Waiver Player pursuant to rule III, B, 5 and if drafted thereunder is a Waiver Player. However Waiver Players merely fulfill a roster spot for one year (after which time they become unrestricted Free Agents) and have minimum play ratings as follows:
1. RBs Waiver Player RB's will have block rating set at 0.
2.WRs and TEs Waiver Player TE's will have block rating set at 0.
3. OLs 3 rated or lower. OLs shall be given a block rating of one.
4. DLs, LBs and DBs All these players shall be given a game play rating of one as follows: DEs and DTs; 1 run, 0 pass rush, LBs; 1 run, 0 pass, 0 pass rush, DBs; 0 rush, 1 pass, 0 pass rush.
5. QBs 150 or less attempts and a QB rating of sixty or less.. Waiver QB,s can only be picked up during the course of the Season in order to meet Roster Requirements not otherwise met due to injury or Season Fatigue.

G. Created Players Dave made most of the players in the NFL. However, some backup defensive players or injured players that did not play much might be in the NFL but not created by Dave. When found, these players will be created and automatically given a 3 defensive rating (3-0-0 for DTs and DEs, 2-1-0 for LBs and 0-3-0 for DBs, a 3 block rating for OLs, A TE who did not catch a pass and played in less than 3 games will be given a 1 block rating and a RB who does not play in at least 3 games will be given a 0 block rating. Players added to the Official Player Lists by the Commissioner but who had no statistics from the prior NFL season have no ratings or statistics given to them.

H. Modification of Players All offensive linemen run and pass block ratings shall be subject to modification in order to reflect their actual ability to so block according to the following rules:

Dave's initial rating is always presumed correct and adjustments are made off of Dave ratings. If the lineman has already received a split rating no other adjustments will be made. The general principle is you compare what the team rankings are rushing and pass blocking and compare to what the lineman does best (ranks highest). To qualify for a split rating the lineman must have started at least 4 games in one position. He is rated only by the line position he played most at. If for example the lineman allows +- 30% than his team avg in sacks allowed per pass play, based on position, then you add +1 or -1 to the pass block rating. If a lineman allows +-60% of his teams sacks allowed per pass play then you add +2 or -2. An official chart will be provided with all the adjustments calculated prior to the player ratings being available. Difference between lineman run ranking according to my formula and team ranking is: 8-15 +-1 16-23 +-2 24-30 +-3 if the difference in ranking is less than 8 then there is no adjustment to Dave's run block rating. This applies only to linemen that started at least 4 games. If the linemen started two different positions the same number of games the one where the lineman allowed the most sacks is used. The intended effect of the overall modification is that the overall league linemen ratings will be as close to. nuetral or no change as possible.

Whenever an NFL player played on two or more teams his statistics shall be combined to generate a Salt League Player. Whenever the Official League Statistics show that a Player actually performed other that as indicated in the Official Game system the Player shall be modified to correct the error. Whenever, an owner elects to retain the Basic Positional Function of a Player based on his position from the preceding Season the player shall be so modified. Kicking games will be adjusted based upon the Official Statistics in order to assure that Kickoffs are as statistically accurate as possible.

Stats inc shall be considered the official source for team and player statistics all attempts shall be made to conform NFL player statistics to the Statistics found in Stats Inc. If there is a conflict with Stats Inc and another publication of NFL statistics including Dave Koch information. Stats Inc information shall be considered presumptively correct.

I. Generics If there is no Player available or backup available at a position due to injury or a team does not have sufficient kick returners, then the position may be filled with a "Generic".
1. Offensive Linemen are rated 0.
2. Defensive linemen are rated 1-0-0
. 3. DB's are rated 0-1-0
4. LB are 1-0-0
5. Receivers have 8 receptions for 24 yds, LG 5 yds
6. Running backs have 40 carries for 60 yds, LG 5 yds, 0 catches
7. QBs: 44 of 100 attempts, 440 yds, LG 20 yds, 0 TD's, 10 ints, 12 sks, Rushing 2, -(2)
8. Kicker: 55 yd KO 5/10 FG LG 40 KO Cov same as previous kicker
9. Punter: 33 punts 1000 yds LG 45 BK 1 TB 6 IN 20 1 PR 25 250
10. Kick Returner: 10-110 yds, LG 15, 0 tds, 1 fumble
11. Punt Returner: 10-40 yds, LG 8, 0 tds, 1 fumble, 3 fc

J. Deprived Defensive Linemen

Defensive linemen with a rating of three or less and with less than 3 sacks shall have all their points assigned to run defense.