By the majority vote of league Owners at any time prior to an upcoming Season the majority of Owners may elect to allow the league to expand. An expansion team does not participate in free agent bidding. An expansion team will have 17600K New Player Draft Points and no Free Agent Points. An expansion team may be picked from the Action PC team file roster three years prior to the expansion year, of any of the NFL teams. After choosing an NFL team an expansion team then determines which players are not part of the current SALT league. The players that are not part of the salt league become the expansion base team. An expansion team gets first pick in every round of the New Player draft. An expansion team shall be permitted to pick a 600K player before all other non expansion team. An expansion team shall also be able to pick 5 plan B players. No drafting preference is given to an expansion team for plan B picks. Expansion teams shall assign contract years to all their players immediately after the draft. The total number of contract years to be assigned = players on team X 2.5. Maximum number of contract years per player = 4. Minimum number =1.