The following notes are not officially part of the constitution. I have added this in hopes of helping people find information and to correct some things that we go by but are either not in the constitution or written incorrectly.
1. Money that is not used during one year's draft is saved for the following year. Longevity is saved as Longevity, Free Agent money is saved as Free Agent money, and the QB Fund and New Player money is saved as QB Fund money. The last part slight contradcits what is in the constitution Definitions: Point, New Player, but it is what was decided when we created the QB Fund.
2. We are no longer a pay league contradicting what is written in VI. LEAGUE FEES AND PENALTIES A. League Fees.
3. In 2004 it was decided by that year's commissioner that for caluclating 50% of New player money to be used to sign one own's restricted free agent, two separate calculations would be used...once each in III. THE DRAFT. B. Player Selection. 1.a and 1.b, thereby giving an owner more oppurtunity to resign his own restricted free agents.
4. Any mention of a waiver wire player is no longer relevant. This means that each team should draft in accordance with filling all roster requirements (see under Definitions. Roster Requirements) by the end of the draft.
5. A team may only draft one risk player. In practice teams have acquired other risk picks via trading. This is generally allowable.
6. In calculating player's salary before the draft we take the NFL's directory as supplied by Koch and then change each team's year to 1998. We then recalculate the salaries in League Tools. This is then the players appropriate salary. The minimum cost (not salary) for a non QB is $800, and the minimum cost for a QB is $1600. In 2007 we voted to not use this calculation for the year since it appeared that the salaries were already adjusted, except for the Plan Bs. We voted in for 2007 only that Plan Bs would be a salary of less than $307k. It looks like we might have to do this again.
7. In V. A. it incorrectly says that there will be two divisions...we are now a 3 division league. Also, we order the teams in each division based upon the prior year's rankings
8. In my opinion the use of generic players is only allowable when the roster requirement is not being met. What this means is during the season a team picks up a generic due to injuries or SALT fatigue then the generic can only be used while the player is injured. An owner questioned this during the 2005 season and my reasoning is that we had been doing that with Scab KRs for a few years and it only made sense. A team was using the generic that was picked up due to injury after the player returned to active status. The generic was being used in order to save attempts by the non-generic player.