You can maybe forgive the Sundogs for being a bit keyed up at the start of this game.  After all, they STILL had the bad taste of defeat in last year's title game, at the hands of the underdog Prowlers.  So maybe  it wasn't a total surprise when they hold Philly to 3-and-out on the Prowlers opening drive this year (forcing the Prowlers to punt more times than they did in all of last year's title game), and then quickly strike on their first posession - a 6 play drive capped off by a Roethlisberger to Cobb TD pass.
And maybe it's even understandable that they hold the Prowlers to 3-and-out on their next drive, and then proceed to score on their 2nd posession - this time time an 8 play 71 yd drive capped off by a 22 yd Adrian Peterson run, to take a 14 - 0 lead late in the first quarter.
But when they again hold the Prowlers to 3-and out on drive #3, and then score again on their own drive #3 (1 play - 51 yd Roethlisberger to Green bomb), and lead 21-0, STILL in Q1, ...well you knew it was simply not going to be Philly's day.
The Prowlers actually match the Sundogs point for point for the remainder of the game, and total yardage was pretty close after Q1 as well.  But give any team a 21 point lead at any point in the game, and it simply makes it too difficult to climb back into the game.  The Prowlers made the effort, - cutting the lead to 14 at one point, but simply ran out of time.
Ben Roethlisberger takes game MVP, throwing 4 TDs and a robust 154.2 QB rating.  Adrian Peterson rushed for 137 yards and a TD.  Philly's LeGarrette Blount countered with 96 yards on 14 attempts.  You wouldn't know it from his stats, but Nick Foles had a solid game, - considering he was throwing 42 times into nickel/dime/quarter defenses for 3/4 of the game.  His stats are further marred by a meaningless Aqib Talib INT to end the game.
Congrats to Robert on a fine season.