Qualifying Activity; Shall mean each and every of the following activities which a Player's NFL counterpart performed six or more times during the course of a prior NFL season: rushing attempts, receptions, pass attempts, returns, punts, kicks. Actual use in any defensive capacity or as an offensive lineman is also a Qualifying Activity. Any Owner who can demonstrate to the Commissioner's satisfaction, either by way of the Official Statistics or otherwise, using reliable and retrospective material, that a Player was actually used for more than one Qualifying Activity may have that Player qualified at dual or multiple positions. If the Player had a different Qualifying Activity in the preceding Season than in the forthcoming Season the Owner may elect to have the Player qualify at his prior position in stead of his actual position. If the Player is not yet under contract the cost for additional Qualifying Activities is 200K.

Ranked Special Teamer; shall means any returner, punter or kicker ranked within the Current Game having 16 or more returns, thirty or more punts or six or more kicks. Ranking for Ranked Special Teamers shall be as follows: Punters are ranked based on net average. Kickers are ranked based on field goal percentage. Returners are ranked on each of punt and kick return average.

Restricted Free Agent; Shall mean any Player who, at the end of a Season, has no remaining Contract Years except for a Franchise Player.