Roster Requirements: Each team must have the following; QB X 2, RB X 2, TE/WR X 3, OL X 7 , DL X 5 , LB X 4, DB X 5, KR X 1, PR X 1, P X 1, K X 1. Generics do not count toward roster requirements. Players added to the Official Player Lists by the Commissioner but who had no statistics from the prior NFL season do not fulfill Roster Requirements. Every team must have a minimum of 15 non-generic Kick Return, Punt Return, Punt and Field Goal attempts on roster before being permitted to go to the generic Special team pool .
Salt League: Shall mean the collection of teams, Owners, and Players as previously, presently, and subsequently constituted for the play of Salt League computer football games.
Season: Shall mean the period of time between Opening Day and the Salt Bowl
Season Fatigue; Shall mean the effect of overuse of a Player which requires an Owner to remove a Player from play during all subsequent games that Season except for non-wildcard postseason games.
Team Ranking: Shall mean the relative power of a Salt League team as measured by its winning percentage with all ties broken according to NFL tie-breaker rules.

Trade: Shall mean the exchange of Players, Money, contract years, or Draft selections. Any transaction in which money, promises or other valuable consideration is exchanged is not a Trade and shall be subject to Penalty. An owner who has been in the year three or more years may trade up to 1000K or Draft Selections to be acquired the following salt season. Although all such trades may be vetoed by the unanimous vote of unaffected league owners. No Trade shall be deemed official until the Commissioner or his designee is informed and records the entire transaction in such a manner as to verify the date terms and conditions of the Trade for future reference. If the trade involves the Commissioner then the confirmation shall be made by any other league Owner not involved in the trade. There shall be no Penalty and it shall not be deemed unsportsmanlike behavior for an Owner to fail to consummate any Trade which is not made official. A trade does not include an exchange which ultimately in any way returns a player back to the time that originally had the rights to that player in the current SALT SEASON or PRE SEASON.

Trade Deadline: Shall mean twelve midnight of the day prior to the day in which the first NFL game is played in any given NFL season.

Unrestricted Free Agent; Shall mean any Player who has no remaining Contract Years and either was not on a Final Official Team Roster prior to the preceding Season or was on a Final Official Team Roster as a Franchise Player prior to the preceding Season.