All games shall be played using the Current Game system. Enforcement of subsections A through C of this section IV shall be the responsibility of the opposing coach and a failure of the opposing coach to enforce these rules shall be deemed a waiver by that coach of any Penalty but shall not prohibit the Commissioner from imposing a Penalty if the knowing violation of these subsections is the product of complicity on the parts of the two Owners. All calculations made regarding fatigue or limited use are rounded up to the nearest whole number.

A. Limited Plays The following plays may be attempted once per season per Player regardless of whether the NFL player actually attempted the play: fake punt, fake kick, end-around, reverse, trick-pass. Any Player exercising a skill not within his Basic Positional Function shall be limited to 200% of the actual number of kicks, pass attempts, receptions, or rush attempts adjusted to a 14 game season.

B. Fatigued Rushing Once a QB, WR or TE is game fatigued or Season Fatigued with respect to rushing an Owner shall not call a rushing play with him. The computer may make a QB scramble but the Owner shall not use the QB as a runner or call the QB option play. Once a WR or TE is game fatigued for rushing an Owner shall not use him for rushing in that game. However, if a WR or TE is Season Fatigued with respect to rushing he can be used once and only once in any given game.