A. Regular Season The Commissioner shall at least one month prior to the Draft produce a schedule of events for the forthcoming Season. The schedule shall indicate all dates on which Owners or Commissioners must take affirmative actions including but not limited to; preliminary rosters, player waivers, the designation of Franchise Players, Pre-Draft Rosters, the Draft, Waiver Player Selection, assignment of Contract Years, Opening Day, the Trade Deadline, the fourteen weeks of the regular season, the dates of any bye weeks, and the date upon which all Owners shall have played all regular season games. The Commissioner or his designee shall also make a schedule of games to be played for each team in the forthcoming Season which schedule shall not require that any given team play more than three consecutive home or road games nor shall any two teams play one another twice in a row. A number of compatible schedules equal to the number of team owners shall be created and randomly assigned. There shall be two divisions. Both divisions shall have the same number of teams if possible. Divisions will be developed by alternating the teams with the best won loss record over the last 4 years. These changes shall be permanent.

B. Weekly Games It is the responsibility of each Owner involved in a game to schedule the game at a mutually convenient time within the parameters provided below. It is not the responsibility of the commissioner to schedule games. All Owners shall play each and every game in its entirety to the best of their ability at the scheduled time and no forfeitures, delays or autoplay shall be permitted during the course of a Season without the express authorization of the Commissioner upon a showing of cause or inability. Failure to play or complete a game or games shall be subject to Penalty.

1. Home Field Owner's Obligations Prior to a given game week the Owner who is to be the home team shall make reasonable efforts to get in contact with the other Owner to schedule the next game. The cost of making the phone calls in anticipation of and in the actual playing of a game shall be borne by the home team Owner.

2. Game Week The weekly schedule runs from Thursday 12:01 a.m. To Wednesday 11:59 p.m. All games shall be played in the week scheduled unless all coaches involved agree to swap weeks or the Commissioner approves an alternate play date. If the Commissioner is not informed as to when a game is scheduled to be played and the last day of a game week in which it is to be played arrives the Commissioner shall be entitled to play a computer versus. computer simulation to determine the outcome of that game.

3. Preferred Times Preference shall be given to the following days and times: Saturday morning, Sunday evening and Monday evening. If one Owner can play on one of these days and times and the other cannot and no other mutually convenient time can be scheduled then Owner that cannot play on the preferred days and times will need to provide a substitute coach as explained below. If both Owners are available on one of the preferred days and times but both cannot agree on a time, then the Owners shall appeal to the Commissioner for a decision on who is most available based on total week availability. The Commissioner is then responsible for determining based upon who is most available which coach will need to provide a substitute coach. The Commissioner may elect to use a coin toss to determine which team needs a substitute coach.

4. Game Completion Each Owner is responsible for raising a roster or play calling, or other problem as soon after it occurs as possible. Once a game has begun it will not be replayed unless a complete replay is allowed or required by this Constitution. If a game is played in its entirety and upon delivery of the boxscore to the Commissioner all complaints will be moot and the game will become official. However, a regular-season game must be played as a "league" game or "auto play game" and statistics must be saved and delivered to the Commissioner in order for a game to become official. (post-season games are played as exhibitions but do save boxscore statistics because they will be complied separately).

5. Season Completion All regular season games shall be played before the playoffs.

6. Preservation of Boxscores Each and every game shall be preserved by the Owners playing the game in such a manner as to ensure accurate league records.

7. Preservation of the Secrecy of Results Each Owner shall not reveal the results of any games played during the final two weeks of the regular season until all games for the week have been played.

8. Use of Hurry, Slow Timeouts- Defense must notify the offense of its intention to call timeouts inside 5 minutes of the half when the defensive team is losing or tied. Once notified the Offensive team cannot call slow down until the defense uses all of its timeouts. The offense shall always wait 5 seconds prior to calling slowdown. If a violation occurs it shall be treated as an Act of God. A team that calls a timeout may take up to two minutes to call a play.

9. Game Stopping Situations- An Owner may access all scouting reports or other Player information after the following without penalty: Change of possession; following injury; following a timeout, after a penalty: change of possession, at the two minute warning, at the end of a quarter, after a lineup change to a formation which is in fact used provided that the lineup change does not occur when there is less than 5 seconds left; after an officials timeout (such as when a coach needs to go to the bathroom). Failure to abide by these rules shall be subject of a Penalty.

10. Chat Mode and Saving Games A game can be saved at any time prior to the last 5 seconds of the offensive or defensive play-calling but no other menu may be accessed at that time. If a save is done at any other time the offending owner shall be subject to a game stoppage penalty. Chat Mode must be accessed from the Save Game screen only. Failure to properly access the chat mode may result in a delay of game penalty and thus the offending team is subject to a Penalty.

C. Substitute Coaches If an Owner cannot play a game during a given week he or she must provide a substitute coach. The substitute coach chosen hereunder by the absent Owner shall not be another Owner. If an Owner does not provide a substitute coach of his or her selection, then the league will choose the most neutral person available to be substitute coach which person may or may not be an Owner. As a last resort, the computer will be designated by the Commissioner as the substitute coach. The computer will coach a team in its entirety. When an Owner plays the computer, the Owner shall not use audibles. Any game played against a computer must be verified by the Commissioner or another coach who shall make reasonable efforts to ensure the game is played without interruption, replay or any other violation of the rules.