A. League Fees Each owner shall pay to the Commissioner or his designee on or before the Draft the sum of $100.00 of which $50.00 shall be for administrative costs borne by the Commissioner or his designee and the remaining $50.00 shall be surety for the performance of all obligations contained in this Constitution. $50.00 shall be returned upon successful completion of the season by the owner. An accounting must be made at the end of the year as to what monies are left after league expenses are itemized. Out of the remaining monies the Salt bowl champion shall recieve 80% of the proceeds with the runner up receiving 20%. New 2001 an owner can opt out of paying the adminstrative costs fee. However, once an owner opts out they cannot collect any proceeds for being the Salt Bowl Champion or runner up in any subsequent season. Proceeds will go to the first two teams that have paid administrative costs with the highest team ranking including playoffs.

B. Penalties The following penalties shall be imposed by the Commissioner when in his judgment the rules of this Constitution have been violated. Any time a penalty requires a non-penalized Owner to replay a game in its entirety the penalized Owner shall bear all costs of replaying the game including the phone charges.

1. Intentional acts causing an affect otherwise deemed an Act of God;
Waiver of surety fee and expulsion from league or suspension for not less than the remainder of the Season.

2. Failure to draft Players sufficient to meet Roster Requirements;
Removal of the last player or players drafted by the penalized Owner from his Roster and substitution by the Commissioner of Players of Base Value for the drafted Player(s) until the Roster meets Roster Requirements. All Players substituted hereunder shall not count toward or against the Contract Years assignable by the penalized Owner and shall have contract terms equal to the lesser of a.) two years or b.) the contract years of the player originally drafted.
3. Erroneously drafting players in excess of available Money of the pertinent category;

Refund of all draft Money available and used to erroneously draft player -2 and conversion of said Money to Free Agent Money. Money are added to Owners Free Agent Money the following year and the Player is redesignated as a New Player.
4. Using a Player during a game when ineligible due to Injury or limited play use;
Flop on the following play or, if a first down was gained on the play, or the play resulted in a rush of ten yards or more, the penalized Owner must call a flop and then punt. If the Game Fatigued rusher scores a TD then the Player shall be removed for the rest of the game, Notwithstanding the alternatives provided herein, the opposing Owner may elect immediately after the play to replay the game from the last save.

5. Playing a Season Fatigued Player following notice of fatigue by opposing Owner or prior opposing Owners;
Remove one contract year from players contract.

6. Running forbidden plays;
Replay game from last save, plus loss of Player performing play for remainder of game and fine $10.00 of surety money.

7. Running a play more than permitted;
Replay game from last save, plus loss of Player performing play for remainder of game.

8. Failure to play games when required;
Fine of $10 of surety fee and game is played by most neutral available person, Owner or otherwise, or played by Computer as last resort.

9. Failure by Commissioner to perform duties;
Impeachment by a majority of Owners and replacement

10. Failure to keep current and accurate records;
Fine of $10 of surety fee plus cost of making league records current and accurate.

11. Exchanges other than Trades effecting Official Rosters, the Draft, the League or game play;
All such exchanges shall be voided, the effects reversed to the best ability of the Commissioner and the offending Owner or Owners shall be fined $20.00 and may be suspended, expelled from the League, or barred from the Playoffs or Salt Bowl depending upon the severity of the offense. Discretion to determine the extent of the Penalty shall lie exclusively with the League Commissioner.
12. Illegal stoppage of play:
The Owner illegally stopping play shall be assessed a timeout or if no timeout is available shall take a delay of game penalty by letting the clock run out. In the event that the offending team is on defense and the offending Owner has no timeouts the Owner must call basic defense on the next play using both the last used defensive platoon and the same options called on last play.

13. Causing Delay of Game; When an Owner causes his opponent to take a delay of game penalty the penalty shall be that the offensive coach may select the defensive platoon and the defense must play basic with no options. If an Owner is Penalized a second time for causing an opponent's delay of game, the penalty shall be as per an act of god.